• "Jack Sparrow" posing with models at an event

  • Firebird Events

    "Jack Sparrow" posing with guest at an event

  • "Jack Sparrow", "Angelina Jolie" and "George Clooney" at corporate event.

Corporate Parties

I heard there's a high toned and fancy to do in the planning - well you've come to the right place! Whether adding some pirate pizzazz to your party or wowing guests at your red carpet extravaganzas, Captain Jack will ensure that it is a memorable night for all

Simon, who actually doubled for the real thing in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, can stay in character for the whole event from a meet and greet as the guests arrive through to mix and mingling with everyone as the event progresses, handing out awards, presenting prizes... you name it, Simon's probably been asked to do it!

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  • Simon simply was fantastic and provided superb entertainment throughout our Hollywood themed evening, I cannot get over how good his mannerisms are! Thanks again for your hard work!

    Ally BakerMarketing Executive, Cmed Clinical Services
  • You and Shad [Will Smith] certainly were top highlights for guests and our [chairman] "Jack Jacobs" has taken the photo of you both home for his daughter. He was so impressed with your performance... as we all indeed were

    Anglea Hamilton-Jones, Events Co-ordinator, Travel Weekly Group
  • Simon Newton as Jack Sparrow lookalike was outstanding at our corporate event in Central London (Gartner AADI on 16 June 2011). Together with Elizabeth Swann, he entertained and helped us promote of business in front of 300 delegates. Very professional. Great value. Highly recommended.

    Joseph SpearMarketing Manager, Smart421
  • Simon is way more effective than 'standard' lookalikes - not only is he a delight to work with, he also brought so much fun and some savvy pirate chic to our Glitterati evening!

    Chon DonnellyEvents Executive, AIRMILES
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